I hope this finds each of you well. Brittaney and I think about you all often and have enjoyed hearing the countless stories from our friends that have flown with you these past few years. Thank you for showing each of them such such a good time. It is hard to believe it has been nearly 2 and 1/2 years since we were there ourselves! 

Brittaney and I are planning to be back in Kauai in a few weeks from now on Dec. 11th - 15th and I wanted to create a proposal for you all in the event that you would be interested in having photo/video work done for both of your tours. I've outlined the details below and can't wait to hear your thoughts. 

These past few years I have continued working with a variety of travel and adventure companies around the world to help create content for their marketing teams. My primary focus most recently has been on creating commercial films/videos. I've included some of these videos at the bottom of this page if you're interested in taking a look at some of my most recent work with Alaska Seaplane Tours and a British Yacht chartering company earlier this year :-) 

I know I mentioned this last time, but Brittaney and I firmly believe that you all provide the best aerial tour on the island and we want you to be equipped the the best photos, videos, and website to prove it! Please let me know if you have any questions as you scroll through the page. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 

Warm regards,


p.s. Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of being in business! 

*All the photos on this page are new edits from our last photo shoot together! I'm excited to share more with you as I feel my editing style has improved these past couple of years.


There is a need for high-quality images of Safari Helicopters' Big Island tour as well as Safari-branded videos of both the Kauai and Big Island tours. 


Allow me to photograph and film the Big Island tour as well as film the Kauai tour. With this footage, I could create a series of 3 videos for the Safari website: One video of the Kauai tour, another video of the Big Island tour, and a third video that highlights both together while providing a little info about Safari's history. 

For this third video, I have a few ideas that I think could make it really special. If this is something you all would be interested in, I'd love to film a few interviews of your family/pilots/or other employees talking about Safari and what makes your company so exceptional. For example, this could include a short interview of Paul talking about why he loves what he does and why he feels Safari gives the best tour on the island. I think a video like this could allow Safari to better connect with anyone searching online.

In addition, I'd love to take photos of your family, pilots, and staff to feature on the website. I think this might be a neat way to personalize your "about us" page. 

To summarize, this project would include:

  • Two to three days of filming/photographing, resulting in the following products: 
    • Two 3-5 minute highlight reels featuring the Kauai and Big Island Tour 
    • One 3-5 minute video that highlights Safari's history including management and pilot interviews, tour footage, take-off and landing shots. I think we could also us this video to highlight Safari's 30th Anniversary
    • Photos of the Big Island tour
    • Pilot Headshots for an "about us" page on Safari's website (if desired) 


$3,200 for all of the items mentioned above. This price would account for the following cost on our end:

  • Time spent shooting and editing footage
  • Round trip transit from LIH to ITO for the Big Island Tour shoot 
  • Baggage fees for video equipment transportation 
  • Music licenses needed for the videos 

I would also request that our seats on these tours be compensated by Safari. In addition, for the purpose of achieving the highest quality of film/photos, we would like to request that the tour be an open door option similar to last time, if possible, to reduce reflections and increase the field of view. I also wanted to mention that I believe it might be necessary to extend the Big Island tour since we would be capturing both photo and video for this tour. 


Our goal would be to make sure that you all would be getting as much value as possible from our time with you and we feel confident that the photos and video we could produce for you all would be worth the time, effort, and cost to create.